Skooler Cooler (Blue)

Skooler Cooler

The baddest cooler you'll ever ride.
. . .
Probably the only cooler you'll ever ride.

The Skooler Cooler is a ride-able, motorized cooler that will make you the envy of any family and friends get-together. The Skooler Cooler's 49cc 4-stroke engine, and all-terrain wheels make this thing a beast. Ride it outdoors, camping, around the block, to the game, or around your living room (not recommended).

Best part? Don't worry about consulting the lady-boss. If anything goes south, your cooler has a 30-day money back guarantee*. After all, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

No drinking and driving folks.

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What the s'kool'er kids are saying

See what we did there?

Brad G.

The Skooler Cooler is fantastic! Our family takes it with us camping up north all the time. The kids love it and it makes for a really fun time with friends!